I Had to Get My Back Fixed

I am still pretty sore, but I can move around alright. I tried a few other things before I went to see a chiropractor in Phoenix. It was sort of scary to tell the truth, because I did the research and I realized that stuff can go wrong with this sort of thing. You are letting a guy try to move your vertebra around as much as it needs to get it in the right place, relative to the other bones in your back and neck. If everything goes the way that it should, then you have a bright sunny day and everything is great in the world. If it does not go the right way then there is a wide range of really bad things and somewhat bad things and moderately bad things. The worst thing that could happen is that you could actually die, but that is not something which is likely to happen. It is a lot more likely when they are dealing with your neck bones.

At any rate I had to do something and it was really a big deal when I sat down in the chair, I was sweating it and when the guy started with the adjustment that was pretty rough. It hurt for a bit, but when I got up to move around everything worked the way that it should and there was not any pain or discomfort. I was even happier the next morning when I was able to get up out of the bed. That had been one of the really bad things. Every night while I was sleeping the back was getting really stiff and it was taking me a big chunk of my morning to get the stiffness out. I had to get up about an hour early.

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